Incessant power outages, and irregular power supply, such as we are experiencing today, can be really frustrating!!

Hurray! A ready solution is HERE. Your worries can be truly over by the installation of an Inverter!

Leo6 Technologies can help you solve your power problem and enjoy uninterrupted power supply in office, home and even church or mosque as long as 24 hours or more.

At Leo6 Technologies, Inverters at very low prices are available. We sell, install and repair. Contact us for your KVA valuation, so as to know the size, just good enough for you.

We deal in Luminous, Sukam, Mpower, Monosolar, Morning Star, Mercury and other great inverter and solar brands.

We currently run a sales promotion; first 20 orders will enjoy FREE INSTALLATION.

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What I need to know about Inverters?