About Us

The Leo6 Technologies Limited is a registered Information Technology (IT) company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC No. 790000 that deals with the sales and supply of IT products/equipment such as Laptops, Desktop Computers, Servers, Printers, Scanners, Computer Accessories, Computer Consumables, Power Inverter, Inverter Deep Cylcle Battery, Solar Panel, Alternative and Renewable Energy,  Interactive Whiteboards, Networking Products, Electronics, Photocopier and Stationeries etc.

The various brands we deal in include: HP, Toshiba, Acer, Mercury, EPSON, Microsoft, APC, Luminous, Sukam, Mpower, Monosolar, Morning Star, Intel, Samsung, Seagate, Lightwave, Sharp, Sony, Smart and a host of other well-recognized, tested and trusted products.

The Leo6 Technologies Limited also offers various services ranging from IT Infrastructure Management, Backup & Recovery Solution, IT Security & Anti-Virus, Printing and Publishing, Maintenance & Repairs, Computer Engineering, Bulk Text Messaging, Website Design, Training, Outsourcing Services and Consulting.

The Leo6 Technologies Limited collaborates with organizations in offering: Procurement/Upgrading of IT Products, e-Learning Centre Set-up, New IT Business Start-up (e.g. Business Centres, Resource Centres, IT Retailing Business), IT Consultancy Services, Periodic Supply of Computer Consumables and Periodic Maintenance of Computer Systems Network among others.

The Leo6 Technologies Limited commenced operation in 2008 and has over this period improved its capital base and also increased its ranges of products in order to meet the needs and yearnings of its customers.

Our credibility stands us out amidst others because we do not compromise the quality and standard of our products and services.

As our mission statement reads, we are out, to bridge the digital divide.

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