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Content of Training

Content of Training

  1. Introduction to Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
  2. Basic Solar and Inverter Installation
  3. Introduction to Wind Energy
  4. Energy Efficiency, Energy Audit, Solar System Sizing and System Design
  5. Roof Mounting Techniques, Solar Array and Accessories
  6. How to Write RE Business Proposal
  7. Safety Session (HSE)
  8. Solar System Commissioning and Maintenance
  9. How to Setup Renewable Energy Business and where to buy what

Introducing New Luminous C10 200AH/12V SMF Inverter Battery

Newly Introduced Luminous C10 200AH/12V SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) Batteries are specially designed to provide comfortable and hassle-free life. 

Their impeccable functioning, outstanding design and powerful performance are as a result of the rigorous research & development and most innovative technology being used in the manufacturing process.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination and freedom from electrolyte

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